“hunting & metamorphoses”

dedicated to my love Rhypyker Triton Jack

Traditional Art and 3D Technology

Fiberglass and bronze sculptures

“One must have the utmost respect for matter. It is the starting point. It dictates the work. It imposes it.”

J. Miró. Material’s Strenght.

“… live matter becomes “Absolute Space”, the place where any depiction of the world can be staged, a place that opens up new horizons, imaginative auras, metaphors opening up to narrative pathways, leading to figurative creations and living metamorphic intertwinings.

When a work is conceived as an organism characterized by autonomous life, matter will then be fully engaged, and, with its ever changeable physical presence, it will continually generate ideas, obstacles and inspiration leading to discovery and ingenuity …”


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Art Review by Mr. Vittorio Marzotto

Art review by Prof. Alberto Giorgio Cassani

Private Art Collection Mr. Giovanni Cilenti