The Last of us
The Last of us



Thought and visual language become the mosaic pieces used to give life to landscapes, still life and free shapes.
Suspended shapes on the edge of the world of imagination and memory, almost like a film storyboard stories that twist and turn without being constrained to comply with a logical order dreamlike appearances, quickly seized in their moment of unfolding and forever locked in matter graphic digital experimentation where mental ghosts, conceptual reflections, existential meaning, reality, and visual recollections both cultural and literary, all come into play.

All of this richness brings compositions to life, not as replications of preexistent works, but new and astonishing every time, springing from the meeting point of space and the creative mind; these are in fact the abstract, realistic, symbolist, and surreal visionary representations.

Live matter becomes “Absolute Space”, the place where any depiction of the world can be staged, a place that opens up new horizons, imaginative auras, metaphors opening up to narrative pathways, leading to figurative creations and living metamorphic intertwinings.

When a work is conceived as an organism characterized by autonomous life, matter will then be fully engaged, and, with its ever changeable physical presence, it will continually generate ideas, obstacles and inspiration leading to discovery and ingenuity.