hunting & metamorphoses

dedicated to my love Rhypyker Triton Jack

Traditional Art and 3D Technology

Fire engraving – 300 year-old Cedar of Lebanon Wood

“One must have the utmost respect for matter. It is the starting point. It dictates the work. It imposes it.”

J. Miró. Material’s Strenght.

“… graphic digital experimentation where mental ghosts, conceptual reflections, existential meaning, reality, and visual recollections both cultural and literary, all come into play.

All of this richness brings compositions to life, not as replications of preexistent works, but new and astonishing every time, springing from the meeting point of space and the creative mind; these are in fact the abstract, realistic, symbolist, and surreal visionary representations …”


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Singulart – Art Gallery

Art Review by Mr. Vittorio Marzotto

Art review by Prof. Alberto Giorgio Cassani

Private Art Collection Mr. Giovanni Cilenti